Speaker Spotlight: Natalie Evans Harris

This blog post was written out of an interview with Natalie Evans Harris and is a summary of information she provided.

As the line between the person and their digital presence has become blurred, Natalie Evans Harris reminds us “data are people.”

Data has evolved into a tool that is used to describe our communities. It is being used as indicators of our society and people’s movements. As we continue to progress in this data revolution we need to ask ourselves – What responsibility do we have to think about the ethics behind that data? How do we ensure that the collection, analysis, and use of this data is done so in an ethical way?

Join Natalie Evans Harris during her talk where she will be “Spurring Your Ethical Imagination.” Just as a watchman sitting in a watchtower is able to look out and see everything, technologists working with data are able to see huge portions of our society through the data they are collecting and analyzing. Working with data brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding, but what someone in the watchtower is not able to obtain is the depth of understanding that comes from sitting within the community that is being watched. As technology continues to be built it is important to step out of the watchtower and ask yourself / your team / your company what does it feel like to be watched? What does it feel like to not have control over what is happening with your data?

Through the accompanying workshop we will step out of the watchtower and collectively build the questions and perspectives we can bring back to our work, so we can bring ethics into the data lifecycle.

Written by Toby Childs

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