Speaker Spotlight: Malka Older


This blog post was written out of an interview with Malka Older and is a summary of information she provided.

Our lives have changed in huge ways since democracy was first instituted. As a society and individuals we have grown to have new technologies and new values. While these new changes are not incompatible with democracy, we need to maintain the mindset that democracy is not absolute, it is an idea that needs to evolve and grow just as we citizens are evolving and growing.

We’ve fallen into a trap of having democracy being presented to us at the happy ending, the be-all and end-all of governance – as though because we have democracy we made it, we’re done. But this is far from the case.

Malka Older’s book, Infomocracy, dives into this conversation by providing a narrative that characterizes how technology can drive, change, and influence the future of not only our government but also us as individuals. Join her for her talk on how it is imperative for us to reinvigorate the curiosity and creativity needed as we continue to develop the ways in which we govern and are governed. The accompanying workshop will further this conversation by bringing together the minds in the room to imagine and propagate the alternative futures of democracy.

In our current landscape where it is easy to get discouraged or burned out, Malka with help re-energize us through her talk and workshop filled with inspiration, conversation, and action.


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