Speaker Spotlight: Anna Galland


Social transformation and the ways in which the public is transforming our country are dependent on the tools and techniques of mass based technologically mediated, smart, organizing and changemaking. Technology has increased the ability to be proactive in collective gathering; something that has enhanced how social movements grow, respond, and are changing the political dynamic.

Anna Galland, Executive Director of MoveOn.org, will be leading us in conversation on how there is a responsibility as organizers, technologists, philanthropists, and thought leaders to help us all get out of the current acute crisis of our country, while also collaboratively working to strategically deconstruct the longer running chronic crises of this country and democracy. This moment is an opportunity to not only come together to survive the current crisis, but also emerge stronger than when we entered it. Together, we have the opportunity to rebuild the civic fabric of our country and reinvent how we relate to each other as engaged citizens and stakeholders in a healthy democracy.

The accompanying workshop will be mediated by leaders from a variety of social movements ranging from occupy, to the movement for black lives, to resistance era pushback, all coming together to discuss how their work isn’t just about organizing, but also about building power. These perspectives will help provide attendees with strategies on how to gain clarity around the role their work play in the larger landscape of social change.

Join Anna and others for this inspirational conversation on the importance of clarity in purpose, resiliency, and collective action.